Baklava Holiday Package


Assorted Baklava Holiday Package

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The perfect holiday gift for all occasions, corporate clients, organization members, neighbors, friends, or someone to say Happy Holidays. Baklava has become one of America’s favorite pastries. Baked and shipped to order from our facility in Anaheim, California. 1.75 LB

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Contains: Tree Nuts (Cashews And/Or Pistachios And/Or Walnuts), Wheat.


Assortment of hand made fresh Baklava / Baklawa Mediterranean / middle eastern Pastries sweets desserts. Mix box includes a selection of Pistachio baklava, walnut cinnamon baklava, cashews baklava, all drizzled with our homemade simple syrup. The original recipe used since the 18th century.


Clients About Us

This is probably the best place to buy Knafeh which is a middle eastern sweet. The day I went they had three types of knafeh and I ended buying from each type. They also have other types of sweets, however, as the name of the place states, they are expert in making Knafeh and they have been in this business for many years. I was served by the owner's son, 16 years old, and I saw a Vedio of him making knafeh since a young age (I think he was 8 or 9) helping his family and learning to become the best like his dad.

Wahbi Awqura-Limay

The best place ever. Very very friendly and wonderful family run place, best knafeh ever very clean, very fresh and very welcoming they go out of the way to accommodate you, very good price we came when they were closing and they still helped us and stayed for about an hour to further assist us. We went there more than one time. Love the place highly recommended.

Dima Almoamin

This KNAFE brings Nablus alive, as we sank our teeth into it and with the first bite, my wife and I looked at one another and said this is by far the best Knafe we ever had in North America if not ever. Cheese was generous, the top film was just right and for real it compounded our feeling about the aroma of Ramadan. The place, Nablus and the time, Ramadan all in a tray.

Ramzy Raslan